A downloadable game for Windows

Our entry for the Ludum Dare 39 Game Jam (72h).

The fate of the woods are in your hands ! Will you save the forest from the wildfire, or burn it to the ground ?

Buck and Flamy : An Unholy Row is a multiplayer video game in which your compete for the sake of nature. Buck will do everything he can to prevent Flamy to destroy the land.

Burn the woods while you consume, or protect the forest while there is some hope !


Check our Ludum Dare entry : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/39/buck-and-flamy-an-unholy-row

A game by :

Bragou > https://bragou.itch.io/

Khams > https://khams.itch.io/

Noémi Gruner > http://instagram.com/noemigruner

Lucas Valade > twitter.com/LucasValade

Thank you for playing !


BuckAndFlamy.zip 15 MB


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Is this game entered into Ludum Dare 39? It has the tag but it's not linked to the Ludum Dare website, I also was unable to find an entry page using google.

Oh you're right. My bad, I didn't know we could linked the game with ludum Dare website. Anyway it's done now, thanks for telling it !